11 AMAZING Meals To Make With Your BBQ Leftovers


The sun is shining and a light breeze floats through the air, carrying the scent of barbeque. Summertime screams outdoor parties with delectable meats and treats. But what do you do with the leftovers once the friends and family members are gone? Don’t just throw away the remaining meat and side dishes. Make something unique and spectacular with these 11 great meals.

(1) Steak Fajitas

Photo by Megan Chromik

While steak can be used the next morning for steak and eggs, think about using the meat for dinner the next day instead. Cut up the meat into thin slices, add sliced bell peppers, onions, a little water and oil to a pan and add fajita seasoning.

(2) Pulled Pork Sandwich

Photo by Joel Kramer

Shred the meat from your barbeque ribs, add some leftover coleslaw and put it all on a hamburger bun. Include a little barbeque sauce and you have a delicious pulled pork sandwich.

(3) Beanie Weanies

Photo by Miikkah

Hot dogs and beans are common at most barbeques, but each are usually served independent of one another. For this recipe, join the two together into one fabulous meal. Cut the hot dogs into ½ inch slices, add to a pot full of your leftover beans, include a healthy squirt of ketchup, a dash of garlic powder and toss in some chopped up onions if you have any leftover from the party.

(4) Chicken Nachos

Photo by M01229

Two items that always seem to remain after a cookout are chicken and tortilla chips. Make delicious nachos with these two items. Simply place the tortilla chips on a cookie sheet, shred or cut up the chicken and place on top. Then top with your other nacho favorites: cheese, onions, jalapenos, or whatever you have in the refrigerator. Pop in the oven and enjoy once the cheese bubbles.

(5) Spaghetti

Photo by Ben Hanbury

Cooked hamburger patties can be reused so many ways. A great option is to turn this all-American meal into an Italian dish. Add crumbled hamburger to your favorite marinara sauce and toss with spaghetti noodles.

(6) Bratwurst Chowder

Photo by Star 5112

Take this delicious protein and make it into a soup. Try this amazing recipe from recipe4living.com. http://www.recipe4living.com/recipes/bratwurst_chowder.htm If a chowder doesn’t seem appealing this time of the year, remember that you can always freeze it for the fall. When the leaves start to turn and the temperatures start to dip, it will remind you of the sweet summer days.

(7) Sweet Corn and Bacon

Photo by James Jin

Depending on the amount of leftover cobs of corn, this side can be as little or as small as you would like. If there is a lot, simply freeze for later. To start, fry a few slices of bacon. Once fully cooked, set aside, but leave most of the grease in the pan. Once the grease has cooled a little, add the trimmed corn and a few tablespoons of sugar to the bacon grease and warm. Once it is hot, put in a serving dish, top with the crumbled bacon and serve.

(8) Gazpacho
Photo by Cyclone Bill

Already dressed salad usually gets thrown out. Who wants a soggy salad the next day? Instead of tossing it, add the salad and some V8 juice to a blender. Mix until smooth and serve cold for an easy and yummy gazpacho.

(9) Grilled Watermelon

Photo by Andrew E. Larsen

A barbeque is not complete without a juicy and sweet watermelon. To reuse this side, head back out to the grill and pop the watermelon on for a few minutes each side. For an added treat, add a touch of honey or chocolate syrup before grilling.

(10) Croutons

Photo by Josh Troulson

There always seems to be a few hamburger and hotdog buns leftover. Instead of tossing them into the garbage, make some homemade croutons for a salad later in the week. Check out this recipe for amazing all-purpose croutons.

(11) Stir fry

Photo by Ginny

Was the vegetable platter not a big hit this time? Make a delicious stir fry with whatever vegetables you have lying around. Just add sesame oil to a pan (or vegetable oil if you don’t have sesame) and cook the vegetables until tender. And if you still have some leftover chicken or steak, toss it in there. Place on top of cooked white rice and serve with soy sauce.

No matter what food remains after the party, there are always ways to make it into a new and delightful dish. Use the above recipes or your imagination to dream up something spectacular for your family.


Feature Photo By Luke Jones, and modified by Self Sufficient Lifestyle


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