8 Natural Ways To Keep Wasps At Bay In Your Garden And Home


Wasps are possibly the most aggressive flying insects; they’re strongly territorial, and will swarm intruders to protect their hive. So they’re not a good species to share your home or yard with—if they decide to build a nest there, it will take work to move them out. Commercial pesticide sprays that kill wasps contain heavy…

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10 AMAZING Window Bird Feeders


Attracting birds to your yard is a good idea; they keep the mosquito population down, fertilize the soil, and are fun to watch as they hop about. Songbirds make some of the sweetest sounds in nature, especially in the early morning hours. A good bird feeder will draw regional birds to your yard; we’ve reviewed…

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7 Devastatingly Effective Natural Weedkillers


One of the most challenging parts of keeping a garden is stopping weeds from choking out the plants you’re intentionally growing. Commercial weedkillers are essentially toxic chemicals lethal to plants and insects; while these may keep weeds down, they’ll make your garden a chemically altered place for years to come. These toxins leech into the…

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10 Toxic Plants That Could Kill Your Dog


If you have a dog, it’s a good idea to be aware of what’s good and bad for your dog to eat. Unfortunately many plants common in backyards (and a variety of houseplants) are toxic to dogs. Canines like to dig and chew—they’re more likely to investigate things through smelling and eating than other pets…

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13 Hardy Houseplants That Are Virtually Impossible To KIll


Houseplants brighten up a home (especially in winter), and they also clean the air. If you want to bring some green into your living room but you’re not an experienced gardener, fear not: many houseplants are really hard to kill. One thing most of the sturdiest plants have in common is their growth rate; they’re…

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9 Air Cleaning House Plants That Remove Toxic Chemicals From Your Home


The quality of the air in our homes is not easy to read—a house can smell great but still be full of benzene or xylene. Some harmful chemical compounds have no odor, and some actually smell good. Indoor air is usually much more polluted than outdoor air, because it’s concentrated in a small space. An…

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10 Cool Things To Buy Your Dog For Chirstmas


Watching your dog play with a new toy is just one of many reasons it’s fun to have a dog; what better than Christmas to give your pup some new playthings? We’ve compiled a list of some of the cooler toys your dog would love to see under the tree this year.  And if you…

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10 Incredible Facts About Your Cat That You Probably Never Knew


Cats and humans have been living together for almost ten thousand years—and still their behavior mystifies us. Unlike dogs, who work hard to understand and communicate with their human pack mates, cats can be distant, moody, even bad tempered. But still they are loveable, and often they’re affectionate. Here are ten incredible facts about cats…

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The 10 Most Toxic Garden Plants


We tend to think of our gardens as safe havens.  A risk free environment to be enjoyed by our family and pets. However, ingesting these common garden plants could have harmful or even fatal consequences. 10. Lily of the Valley Photo By MTSOfan Convallaria majalis is best known for its potent, sweet scent and the small stature…

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10 Powerful Natural Ways to Banish Snails And Slugs Form Your Garden


Snails and slugs are one of the most troublesome pests in any garden. They have insatiable appetites and can destroy your plants and crops within a matter of weeks if left untreated.  Commercially available poisons are highly toxic, can harm children and pets and cause huge amounts of harm to the environment.  In addition, they…

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