10 Delicious Fatty Foods It’s OK To Eat


It seems impossible: eat fatty foods and lose weight? Au contraire, it’s possible. It just depends on what kind of fats you eat; trans fats and saturated fats settle in and get stored indefinitely, while healthy unsaturated fats promote a feeling of satiation, keeping you from grazing mindlessly all day. These good fats improve heart…

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10 Foods That Relieve Swollen Feet and Ankles


Swollen feet or ankles are caused by “edema” which is excess fluid pooling in your body.  One of the most common places that this occurs is in the extremities including the feet and the ankles.  It happens as we age but it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition so be sure to…

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9 Potent Foods That Kill Pain


Besides nourishing us, foods can ease, prevent, or kill pain. We’re used to reaching for a painkiller when something suddenly starts throbbing—but humans have been treating pain with anti-inflammatory foods for centuries. Other foods have calming and sedative properties. Eaten together, or paired with low-dose pain pills, these foods can offer real relief. An anti-inflammatory…

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10 Foods That Supercharge Your Brain


Brain function can maintained in a few ways: mental exercises, diet, and luck (in other words, good genes). A nourishing, balanced diet helps the brain stay healthy and avoid diseases, like Alzheimer’s. Besides this, a good diet decreases the risk of heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Read on for some foods that boost your brain function.…

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10 Toxic Plants That Could Kill Your Dog


If you have a dog, it’s a good idea to be aware of what’s good and bad for your dog to eat. Unfortunately many plants common in backyards (and a variety of houseplants) are toxic to dogs. Canines like to dig and chew—they’re more likely to investigate things through smelling and eating than other pets…

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11 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate


Dogs and humans have been hanging out together for the last ten thousand years—longer than we’ve kept company with any other animal. And yet, we still do things that dogs hate, without even realizing we’re doing them. If you want to be a true friend to your dog, learn how to communicate with them on…

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9 Plants That Could Kill Your Cat


Cats like to chew plants; they use plants, particularly grasses, as calming agents for their digestive tract. But inside a house, a cat will chew on any plant, whether it’s good for them or not. Since cats like to climb and explore, it’s hard to keep plants of their reach. Some houseplants are toxic to…

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10 Powerful Foods That Help You Sleep


Besides keeping your immune system strong and your skin looking good, healthy sleep makes you feel better. It keeps your brain functioning sharply and elevates your mood. What you eat effects how you sleep; food interacts with serotonin, a hormone that encourages deep sleep. If you eat foods that calm your body down (without sacrificing…

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13 Hardy Houseplants That Are Virtually Impossible To KIll


Houseplants brighten up a home (especially in winter), and they also clean the air. If you want to bring some green into your living room but you’re not an experienced gardener, fear not: many houseplants are really hard to kill. One thing most of the sturdiest plants have in common is their growth rate; they’re…

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9 Air Cleaning House Plants That Remove Toxic Chemicals From Your Home


The quality of the air in our homes is not easy to read—a house can smell great but still be full of benzene or xylene. Some harmful chemical compounds have no odor, and some actually smell good. Indoor air is usually much more polluted than outdoor air, because it’s concentrated in a small space. An…

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