10 Amazingly Effective Natural Cellulite Treatments


The ugly dimples of cellulite can form on any woman’s body. They form slowly and are quite resistant to dieting and exercise- even skinny marathon runners can be affected by cottage-cheese thighs. Commercial creams and spa treatments might help with cellulite, but they are pricey. Try some cheap, home remedies first. 1. Soak in seaweed…

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11 Household Products You’re Probably Buying But Should be MAKING


It’s so easy to get into the habit of buying everything that you need from the local superstore.  However, before buying anything the first question that should enter your mind is whether you could make it at home.  Not only could you save a huge amount of money, but you could also avoid all the…

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10 Powerful Foods That Fight Depression


It happens to all of us. From time to time we just can’t help but feel DOWN! And whilst we can’t always do much to avoid all the disasters life throws at us we can control many of the things that influence our mood. Here are 10 foods that you incorporate into your diet that are…

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11 AMAZING Meals To Make With Your BBQ Leftovers


The sun is shining and a light breeze floats through the air, carrying the scent of barbeque. Summertime screams outdoor parties with delectable meats and treats. But what do you do with the leftovers once the friends and family members are gone? Don’t just throw away the remaining meat and side dishes. Make something unique…

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6 BRILLIANT Recipes For Homemade Toothpaste


Photo By Kenneth Lu, and modified by Self Sufficient Lifestyle It’s staggering how expensive it is to buy toothpaste in the shops.  However, once you realise how simple and toothpaste formula you’ll stop buying it and start making your own!  Here are 6 amazing toothpaste recipes to get you going.  Give it a try! (1) A…

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The 10 Most Toxic Garden Plants


We tend to think of our gardens as safe havens.  A risk free environment to be enjoyed by our family and pets. However, ingesting these common garden plants could have harmful or even fatal consequences. 10. Lily of the Valley Photo By MTSOfan Convallaria majalis is best known for its potent, sweet scent and the small stature…

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10 Powerful Natural Ways to Banish Snails And Slugs Form Your Garden


Snails and slugs are one of the most troublesome pests in any garden. They have insatiable appetites and can destroy your plants and crops within a matter of weeks if left untreated.  Commercially available poisons are highly toxic, can harm children and pets and cause huge amounts of harm to the environment.  In addition, they…

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