The 10 FREAKIEST Plants In The World


Based on the plants that we grow in our gardens and see in the countryside around us we often loose touch with the huge diversity that exists in the plant kingdom.  With time many plants in strange and distant places have evolved achieve extraordinary feats ranging from digesting insects to stinking of rotting flesh to attract flies.  Through millions of years of evolution mother nature has created some truly freaky (yet beautiful) plants.  Through much research we have compiled a list of the freakiest plants that we believe exist in the world.  Some of these will shock you, some of these will mesmerise you.  However, they all have one thing in common.  Their beauty.  And looking at this selection of will plants will help you appreciate what an extraordinary world we live in and how incredibly capable mother nature is at creating amazing abilities to ensure that life thrives in virtually every corner of the world.

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