How To Make A Gallon Of Liquid Hand Soap from One Soap Bar


Liquid hand soap can be made from any bar soap you’ve got lying around the house, including leftover, mushy slivers and half-used bars. It’s an easy process, and cheaper than buying a bottle of hand soap. You’ll only need a few ingredients, and the whole project will take twenty minutes at most. Jars of liquid…

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How To Make A Moisturising Lip Balm


Unless you’re shopping for all natural and organic lip balms, the balms you’ll find at a drug store are actually drying your lips out more. Commercial lip balms are made with petroleum, which smothers the skin. They often include camphor, menthol, and phenol, all of which eventually make your lips crack (despite their chemical tingle,…

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How to Make a Healing Hand Cream


Creams and lotions that you buy in the store are often expensive, and they often contain strange artificial ingredients and fragrances (unless you go with natural creams, which are the priciest of all). If you’re ready to try making hand creams at home, we’ve got a few recipes to get you started. Basic moisturizing hand…

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7 Creative Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing


Commercial air fresheners are made with artificial fragrances and other chemicals that aren’t much fun to breathe in. They’re also pricey and produce a lot of plastic packaging. As a less expensive, greener alternative, we’ve got some home made room and air freshener recipes that will make your home smell amazing. The first and easiest…

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How to Make A Simple But Powerful Multipurpose Household Cleaner With Just 3 Ingredients


Just a few different natural products can clean most of your home. Far, far cheaper than buying commercial cleaners, these simple compounds work hard, and they don’t contain the kind of toxic compounds that commercial cleaning products do. Keep your house free of unnecessary toxins with these eco-friendly alternatives. Vinegar White vinegar (also known as…

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How To Make A Powerful Overnight Natural Oven Cleaner


One of the most toxic cleaning products for sale, commercial oven cleaners contain ammonia and lye, among other harsh chemicals. It’s dangerous to let them linger on your skin. The fumes from these products burn into the lungs, soak into the home, and stay in the oven after they’ve “cleaned” it—their residue gets caked further…

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How To Make A Powerful Shampoo That’s Kind To Your Hair


For women and men, shampoo is a perpetual expense, and, strangely, it varies dramatically in price—some shampoos are three dollars a bottle, some are thirty (and offer essentially the same results). You can make a powerful shampoo at home and save money over both cheap and pricey shampoos, and your hair will still shine. Another…

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A Year’s Worth of Homemade Laundry Detergent for Under $20 – Here’s How!


If you’re looking to save money on laundry detergent, and use earth friendly compounds in the process, consider making your laundry detergent at home. The mainstream laundry detergent sold in stores is laden with chemicals—artificial fragrances, phosphates (which can contaminate nearby watersheds), sulfates, and even petroleum byproducts. Petroleum distillates have been cited as carcinogens, and…

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10 Foods That Prevent Female Hair Thinning


Hair loss is inevitable for most people; it’s very rare for eighty-year olds to still have a full, lustrous head of hair. But there are ways to keep your hair for longer, and prevent hair loss from stress-certain superfoods help tremendously. Also, it’s a persistent myth that hair needs to be washed daily, or even…

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8 Natural Ways To Keep Wasps At Bay In Your Garden And Home


Wasps are possibly the most aggressive flying insects; they’re strongly territorial, and will swarm intruders to protect their hive. So they’re not a good species to share your home or yard with—if they decide to build a nest there, it will take work to move them out. Commercial pesticide sprays that kill wasps contain heavy…

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